Japanese cultural experiences 

KIMONO bag brand “wabinal” escort you to the moment captured

Japanese traditional beauty through experience.

◆  KIMONO rental & dressing                                                          4,200 JPY


You can enjoy photo shooting yourselves in Japanese traditional clothing, KIMONO.











Maximum 3H in total

1. Dressing up to KIMONO Maximum 1.5H for  all members.

2. 1H for rental. Please enjoy photo shooting yourselves

3. Change to your clothes 0.5H 


◆  Japanese style afternoon tea                                              3,800JPY


You can enjoy Japanese tea ceremony experience with Japanese style afternoon tea box served with a bowl of Matcha green tea.

•A bowl of Matcha green tea

•Homemade seasonal “Wagashi “Japanese  traditional sweets

•Homemade dried confectionary

•Sllice of Matcha pound cake

•Fruits jelly

•Sushi rice balls (Salmon & pickles) 

Package offer 

  KIMONO dressing & Japanese style afternoon tea set                 7,500JPY


You can enjoy both Japanese cultural experience all together.

That will enable you to understand sprit of Japanese traditional culture.


*From June to September, we will offer YUKATA, summer KIMONO.

【Available Service Time】10am - 18pm 

【Number of attendees】  4-6 people 

【Payment method】 Cash or credit cards

【Reservation​】 Please contact us through email  with your required date, time, numbers of group.